The Woodcutter's Quilt

The Woodcutter's Quilt 2012 silk, embroidery and hand printed fabric 2m x 2m

“The Woodcutter sits in his cottage, a hermit on the periphery of ‘life’, watching films and documentaries as his only means of viewing the world beyond the forests. He watches the effects of human destruction.  He photographs epic moments and moments of reflection and pain from his favourite films and documentaries and uses them as inspiration for a patchwork quilt of remembrance.”

The central square of the quilt is a detail of Jane's muse Lily from the original colour Biro drawing created for her wedding invitation. This represents the personal references centuries of quilters have included in their quilt designs.



‘Fox and Rabbit’, Yuri Norstein 1973; Ivan Bilibin; Vintage German Postcard ‘The Wolf and the Seven Kids’; Vintage German Postcard ‘Snow White’; ‘Ivan’s Childhood’, Andrei Tarkovsky 1962, Mosfilm; ‘Come and See’, Elem Klimov 1985 Mosfilm/Belarus Film; World At War, Thames Television 1973, WWII film footage, Czechoslovakia 1945; ‘Immortal Beloved’, Bernard Rose 1994 Columbia Tristar; ‘Where Eagles Dare’, Brian G. Hutton 1968 MGM; ‘Dean’s Gift Book of Fairy Tales’, Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone 1967; embroidered image from Tawerna Mestwin, Kashubian restaurant, Gdansk 2011; ‘Winterreise’, Luc Delahaye 2000 Phaidon; ‘Peter and The Wolf’, Suzie Templeton 2006 BreakThru Films; Photograph: Tove Jansson & Tuulikki Pietilä working on Moomin models; ‘The Red Balloon’, Albert Lamorisse 1956 Lopert Pictures Corporation/Janus Films; ‘Hedgehog in the Fog’, Yuri Norstein 1975 Soyuzmultfilm; ‘The Scar’, Krzysztof Kieslowski 1976 Artificial Eye; ‘White Mane’, Albert Lamorisse 1953 Films Montsouris/Janus Films