The Wolf's House

The Wolf's House 2012 black Biro drawings and mixed media (black Biro drawings on sanded and painted wood, hand printed cotton, scenic snow, model Russian Tank and German Infantry soldiers, model animals, replica Deluxe FI Hand Grenades, white enamel paint.

The Story

Winter, somewhere in Eastern Europe during World War II, the Wolf’s House stands isolated in no-mans land. Engulfed by a fierce blizzard, a battle between enemy soldiers is being waged on the doorstep.  The occupants be-sieged, Mrs Wolf throws open the stable door and watches the carnage unfold. Mr Wolf sits by the window, awaiting his destiny. Propaganda posters pinned to a mural behind him flutter in the icy breeze swirling around the cottage, as creatures of the forest seeking sanctuary from the conflict, play innocently at his feet. The chimes of the cottage cuckoo clock are drowned by a cacophony of gunfire as the soldiers fight on through the snow.


Artwork Symbolism

This sculpture contemplates the conscious brutality of man as opposed to the instinctive nature of animals by creating a scene of role reversal. Inspired by cuckoo clocks, their iconography in this piece suggests waiting for fate to take its course and nature at the mercy of man. The exterior of the house features original Biro drawings of Jane's Northern Inuit dog and muse Lily, drawn directly onto painted wooden panels.

Using various mediums, this artwork was handmade by Jane. The weights of the cuckoo clock are replica Deluxe F1 Russian hand grenades. A model Russian tank soldier balances on one of the hand grenades. In the snow surrounding the cottage, model German infantry soldiers, skulk under the window on the left side, to ambush a battalion of Russian tank soldiers placed on the right side of the cottage. Mr and Mrs Wolf were created from original 1970’s Krakow Cepelia dolls, their heads replaced with casts of Jane's wedding cake topper.


The Wolf's House



Side panel view with model Russian Tank Infantry Soldiers and original Biro drawing of Lily


View of house roof with original Biro drawing of Lily


View of house front with original Biro drawing of Lily and Mrs Wolf


Propaganda Poster "Save Us"! montage of original Biro drawings of Lily and Soviet propaganda poster 'Red Army Soldier, Save Us!' by Viktor Koretsky, 1943


Interior view with 'East Meets West - Forests' Memories' mural, propaganda posters, model animals and Mr Wolf 


Interior view with mural of 'Where Wolves and Bears Dare' colour biro drawing, handmade cuckoo clock made from a transfer of 'Wolf the Canary' biro drawing on yellow silk and animal models.


Arial view of house interior