Red Riding Hood's Cloak

Red Riding Hood's Cloak 2012 hand printed fabric

Artwork Symbolism

Red Riding Hood's Cloak artwork was made by Jane from hand-printed fabric featuring a pattern of her colour Biro drawings Brown Bunny and Doll and Pink Boris. Inspired by Angela Carter’s short story The Company of Wolves 1979 and Neil Jordan's film of the same name, this artwork focuses on the interpretation of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood, renown as a parable about sexual maturity.

Doll and Pink Boris 2012 colour Biro drawing

The heavily made-up doll (portrait of a Bradley Doll) and baby rabbit indicate stereotypical imagery that would appeal to young girls and also represent the transgression to adolescence. The bleeding rabbit is a symbol of reproduction.

Brown Bunny 2012 colour Biro drawing

When displayed the cloak drifts innocently on a white hanger, while the upright hood suggests overpowering and loss of 'innocence'.


Detail of hand printed cloak pattern featuring Brown Bunny and Doll and Pink Boris colour Biro drawings