Orphan Bear Rescue Centre

This week BBC2 aired Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me, a new series of beautiful and touching films by inspirational wildlife film maker Gordon Buchanan. The series features the extraordinary work of the Pazhetnovs, a 'pioneering family of biologists' who run the Orphan Bear Rescue Centre in Russia:
The Centre rescues, rehabilitates, raises, and prepares orphaned brown bear cubs for independent survival in the wild. Specialists of the Centre release rehabilitated cubs into the wild and carry out post-release monitoring to check if the cubs adapt well to their natural habitats.
Mummy Bear and Baby Bear limited edition fine English china coupe plate
The Orphans and  Mummy Bear and Baby Bear layered Biro drawings explore the plight of orphaned bear cubs in Russia. These artworks form part of In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia, originally created in 2013. A series of drawings, limited edition fine English china coupe plates and mugs, this body of work celebrates the beauty and majesty of threatened and endangered carnivores across the Eurasian continent, while highlighting the challenges they face in an uncertain world. The project features wolves, Amur leopards, Siberian tigers and brown bears. 
Films often inspire my work, and both tiger and bear drawings make reference to a captivating film about Siberian tigers by Gordon Buchanan, Amba, the Russian Tiger. Plates and mugs were designed as little pieces of art in functional form, so the user can contemplate the beauty of these animals as well as the fragility of their lives on earth. 
The Orphans fine china mug, front, back and interior views
Made in the UK and hand crafted by the very best artisans, limited edition prints, fine English china coupe plates and mugs featuring Mummy Bear and Baby Bear and The Orphan's will see 5% of profits from sales go directly to the Orphan Bear Rescue Centre. 
For more information about their ground breaking work please visit
Mummy Bear fine china mug, front and back views
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Mummy Bear and Baby Bear original Biro drawing 

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