Laguna Art Museum Collaboration - drawing California Wildlife

Laguna Art Museum(LAM) and my Where Did All the Animals Go? (WDATAG) art and environmental education project in partnership with international wildlife charity Born Free and a group of dynamic North East England teachers are collaborating on this prestigious museum's Imagination Celebration, 25 April 2020.

We are inviting Californians of all ages to create ballpoint pen drawings of their favourite wild California animal. Drawings will be featured in WDATAG project's online Wild Postcard Gallery. Find out how to submit your drawing and view the gallery here. 

Laguna Art Museum poster designed by Jane

Art is alive and thriving during the COVID-19 Pandemic and despite the museum being temporarily closed, its Imagination Celebration virtual family event will offer inspiration from the museum’s current exhibitions, practice gratitude with Bala Shala Yoga for Kids, experience traditional Mexican dance and music with Ballet Folklorico de UCI, make art with LAM+LAB at Home as well as the opportunity to get involved in WDATAG project's Wild Postcard Gallery.

As nature begins to reclaim the deserted landscapes and cities of the world, Where Did All the Animals Go? project collaboration with LAM's event will celebrate the array of magnificent California species by encouraging people of all ages to enjoy contemplating, researching and creating ballpoint pen drawings of the Golden State's beautiful wildlife.

Sea Otter Mother and Infant 2020 ballpoint pen drawing, Marinta Skupin

Wild Postcard Gallery aims to spread the gift of drawing, using my preferred medium, the humble ballpoint pen, and the beauty of wildlife far and wide, nurturing emotional connections with vulnerable species to further help in their conservation, 'if we care, we want to conserve'. 

There are 305 species federally listed as endangered or threatened, some of which are endemic to California such as Ohlone tiger beetle, California condor and California tiger salamander. Check out and research the list of species here.

Tule Elk 2020 ballpoint pen drawing, Caitlin Reller

By making a drawing of a vulnerable California species for the gallery and sharing it with friends and family or on social media, your drawing is not only helping to highlight the rich variety of this state's wildlife and the unique beauty of individual species but could encourage others to get involved in species conservation. 

California Tiger Salamander 2020 colour ballpoint pen drawing, Susie Moutrey

Photos of drawings can then be sent to where they will be featured in Wild Postcard Gallery here. Drawings can be given as a gift to someone special to brighten up their day or put in your window for your neighbours to enjoy.

Rosie with her Mountain Lion colour ballpoint pen drawing

The partnership between LAM and myself was founded in February 2020 when I brought my WDATAG project's outreach program to California to share drawing and wildlife with residents of Orange County through my Californian Wildlife Drawing Workshops as well as build new partnerships with U.S.A. art and education organisations. I was fortunate to meet with LAM's inspirational education team, Marinta Skupin, Curator of Education, Caitlin Reller Assistant Curator of Education and Kristen Anthony Educator and delighted to be invited to collaborate with them.

LAM's education team alongside marvellous Danelle Hickman, educator and Outreach Specialist at Ocean Institute were amongst 70 adults and children who attended my California drawing workshops and they displayed an exceptional talent for drawing as well as education!

Left to right: Marinta Skupin, Danelle Hickman Outreach Specialist Ocean Institute, Kristen Anthony and Caitlin Reller

The poster for Laguna Art Museum and WDATAG collaboration features ballpoint pen drawings of California species created in my February 2020 drawing workshops including Mountain Lion by Rosie, California Tiger Salamander by Susie Moutrey, Sea Otter Mother and Infant by Marinta Skupin, Canada Lynx by Kirsten Rogers, Tule Elk by Caitlin Reller, Ohlone Tiger Beetle by Stacie Bena, California Condor by Susie Frosell, Great White Shark by Riggsy, Desert Tortoise by Susie Frosell, California Sea Lion by Kristen Anthony and Black Bear by Nina. 

I can't wait to receive drawings of California wildlife for Wild Postcard Gallery!

Nina Rogers black bear ballpoint pen drawing

Huge thanks to LAM and their education team for supporting this project, to Born Free Education for their continued support, team educators and Kirsten Rogers, project team PR for organising and facilitating workshops during my February trip.

Canada Lynx 2020 colour ballpoint pen drawing, Kirsten Rogers 

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