Wild Postcard Packs

Wild Postcard Gallery was launched by Jane at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art on 26 November 2019 at a special celebration evening for Where Did All the Animals Go? project, artists in schools, and educators. The online gallery is part of WDATAG project and attendees at the event were the first to each receive a Wild Postcard Pack so the gallery could evolve through them:

"The pack is a gift to get creative with a Biro and draw your favourite wild animal, as well as a gift of some often much-needed ‘you-time’ in our hectic 21st century lives. By passing the pack on to others, the aim is to spread the gift of drawing and wildlife appreciation far and wide."

Each pack contains, Biros, a signed postcard from Jane, blank postcards and the following instructions: 

1. Keep one of the Biros as your own drawing pen
2. Draw your favourite wild animal on one of the postcards or pieces of paper in the pack. Draw the animal either in the wild, from your imagination or a found image. Your drawing doesn’t have to be photo-realistic, we all have our own unique drawing styles! 
3. Don’t use pencil guidelines - drawing in Biro alone helps improve concentration. Don’t worry if you make mistakes, they are part of life and learning and often form beautiful lines within your drawing 
4. Send a photo or a scan of your drawing with species title, your name, town and country to: jane@janeleemccracken.co.uk 
5. Give (or send using the enclosed envelope) your drawing as a gift to someone special, alongside the pack (including remaining Biros and blank postcards, Jane’s postcard and instructions) 
6. Ask your special someone to make a drawing of their favourite wild animal & REPEAT 1–6

If you’d like to add more Biros, postcards or recycled paper and envelopes to the pack so it reaches more people please do! Packs will be available to purchase soon.

ALL DRAWINGS WILL BE DISPLAYED IN WILD POSTCARD GALLERY "Enjoy drawing and some creative ‘you-time’. The next time you pick up your Biro, think of the animal you drew and how the world is a better place for its existence. Remember, EVERYONE CAN DRAW!"

Jane would like to thank every participant who has contributed to this postcard gallery and subsequently Where Did All the Animals Go? project. 


Drawing images of favourite wild animals sent to Jane for the online gallery below are drawn either from imagination or inspired by found images of wildlife and are created by people of all ages.

The first drawing image submitted to the gallery on 27 November 2019 is of a beautiful red squirrel by Stephanie Clarey, a teacher from Kirk Merrington. Jamie Brown, age 11 of East Linton, Scotland submitted the second gallery drawing of his stunning black jaguar. Jamie is football crazy, loves basketball, cars and art and is interested in WWII. Jamie's favourite animal is a jaguar because they are both beautiful and powerful and they feature in the logo of his favourite car make, Jaguar. Isabel, age 4 created an outstanding bumble bee drawing, the third gallery image submitted. Isabel loves drawing and riding her bike. One of the reasons bees are her favourite animal she stated, is because there would be no honey and lots of different types of food without bees!

2019 Biro Drawings


Abi has created a personal response through art, to the heartbreaking Australian fires, paying tribute to wildlife affected by the fires and humans helping with rescue and rehabilitation of injured animals - look closely at the Koala's nose and body where there is a layer of forest and the following handwritten text:

A country in flames. Australian bushfires are a warning to the world. Australia's fires set off apocalyptic-looking blood red skies. Austrailia's fires: how the world has responded to the crisis: koala mittens...