Wild Postcard Gallery, is an online gallery open to all ages to create and submit Biro drawings of their favourite wild animals. Part of Artist, Jane Lee McCracken's Where Did All the Animals Go? art and environmental education project, in partnership with international wildlife charity Born Free and a group of dynamic North East teachers, the gallery was launched in 2019 at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art here.  All drawings submitted are featured in the gallery which can be viewed by scrolling down this page. Click here to download or print the poster


The aim of Wild Postcard Gallery is to spread the gift of drawing, using Jane's preferred medium, the humble Biro, and the beauty of nature far and wide, as well as nurturing emotional connections with vulnerable species to further help in their conservation, 'if we care, we want to conserve'.

Enjoy drawing and some creative ‘you-time’. The next time you pick up your Biro, think of the animal you drew and how the world is a better place for its existence. Remember, EVERYONE, CAN DRAW!" Jane Lee McCracken


The concept of the online Wild Postcard Gallery is simple and open to all ages:

  • Pick up a Biro (ballpoint pen), get creative and draw your favourite wild animal on a blank postcard or piece of paper using any colour of Biro 

  • If you can't draw the animal in the wild use a found image as inspiration or draw from your imagination

  • Your drawing doesn't have to be photo-realistic, express yourself and really enjoy drawing and being transported. We all have our own unique drawing styles which are all valid!

  • Send an image or scan of your drawing, your name, town and country to jane@janeleemccracken.co.uk for your drawing to be featured

  • Send your drawing as a gift to someone special to brighten up their day or put it in your window for your neighbours to enjoy

  • Spread the word and ask others to pick up a Biro and make a drawing of their favourite wild animal for the gallery


      Here are some things you can do to help wildlife:

      • Research your favourite animal and how you can further help with its conservation

      • Check out 12 Ways You Can Help Wildlife here

      • Tell others about what you have learnt and how they can help wildlife

      • Check out Born Free Learn at Home Packs here

      Find out more about Where Did All the Animals Go? project here


      The following Biro Drawing Workshop video made by Jane as a free resource features drawing tips and inspirational wildlife footage courtesy of Born Free.


      The first gallery drawing of a beautiful red squirrel was submitted on 27 November 2019 by Stephanie Clarey, a teacher from Kirk Merrington. Jamie Brown, age 11 of East Linton, Scotland submitted the second gallery drawing of a stunning black jaguar. Isabel, age 4 created an outstanding bumble bee drawing, the third gallery image submitted. 

      Jane would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this postcard gallery and subsequently Where Did All the Animals Go? project. 

      Abi has created a personal response through art, to the heartbreaking Australian fires, paying tribute to wildlife affected by the fires and humans helping with rescue and rehabilitation of injured animals - look closely at the Koala's nose and body where there is a layer of forest and the following handwritten text:

      A country in flames. Australian bushfires are a warning to the world. Australia's fires set off apocalyptic-looking blood red skies. Austrailia's fires: how the world has responded to the crisis: koala mittens...