Revenge Wolves

Revenge Wolves | In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia 2012 black Biro drawing

The second drawing of grey wolves diptych from the In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia series, Revenge is inspired by an infamous tale of love and loyalty between a wolf and his mate.  Transforming into a superhero, the black wolf takes revenge for the loss of its mate the white wolf portrayed in Sweet. Inspired by an image of a real wolf caught in a trap about to be shot by a hunter, Revenge juxtaposes animal for human and turns the gun on the hunter. Paying homage to the North American gray wolf, the black wolf body metamorphoses into that of the Comedian from the film Watchmen 2009 Zack Snyder. An image of Blanca the mate of one of America’s most famous wolves Lobo appears on the Comedian’s shoulder armour.  Blanca was trapped and killed to lure and capture Lobo who shared her fate, as recorded by Ernest Thompson Seton in his book Lobo the King of Currumpaw. The pelts of dead wolves collected during the government led extermination of wolves in the U.S.A, which continued up until the 1960s are projected on the wolf's forearm. The white wolf and the black wolf in Sweet and Revenge signify the struggle to change misplaced prejudice and conserve wolf species across the world.