Our Forefathers

Our Forefathers Amur Leopard

Our Forefathers Amur Leopard | In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia 2013 black Biro drawing

The first drawing of Amur Leopard diptych from In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia series, Our Forefathers contemplates the origins and repercussions of man’s fascination with collecting natural exotica from early European exploration to the present day. This is symbolised by a representation of Rembrandt’s etching The Windmill 1641, as the windmill becomes an exotic folly for three Amur leopards, one of the world’s most endangered species.  A 17th century Dutch flintlock pistol is aimed at the leaping leopard, whose fragmented body represents the fragility of this species.  Approximately 57 Amur leopards exist in the wild. Their population has risen from 35 individuals when Our Forefathers and Our Loss were made in 2013. Amur leopards mostly inhabit Ussuriland, Russia with an estimated population of 7-12 individuals in China.