Cherry Blossom Girl

Cherry Blossom Girl - South China Tiger

Cherry Blossom Girl South China Tiger 2014 colour Biro drawing on oriental fan

The fourth artwork in South China Tiger quadriptych and epilogue to the The Legend of the South China Tiger


High up in the great mountains of China, in a little known village there lives a beautiful young tigress. Orphaned as a cub, her mother killed by poachers, she was found by a villager who rescued her. Loved by all and allowed to roam freely under the villager's protection, she has thrived. One day an enchanting butterfly appears. As she flutters in the wind that swirls through the streets, round the houses and over the bridge, someone glimpses the twitch of a tiger’s tail in the cherry blossom drifts that have fallen from the trees. Following the intrepid trail of Butterfly Lover Zhu Yingtai, Amoy, once thought to be the last South China Tiger, has travelled far up the mountain to discover his destiny. He enters the village, crosses the bridge and is united with the beautiful Tigress of his dreams.


South China Tiger quadriptych is inspired by the following films: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2000 Ang Lee, Hero 2002 Zhang Yimou, House of the Flying Daggers 2004 Zhang Yimou 2004, Red Cliff 2008 John Woo and 2046 2004 Wong Kar-wai. An image of an emaciated captive South China tiger from a tiger farm is reflected on the sword of the most powerful Tigress Warrior in Yin and Yang.  Images of Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi and Faye Wong became the inspiration for the cloud Goddesses of Yang. Butterfly Lover was made especially for Save Wild Tigers and also inspired by the Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto 1959 Chen Gang and He Zhanhao. The Chinese title of the concerto appears on the fur of Amoy’s shoulder. The face of the heroine Zhu Yingtai from the old Chinese legend Butterfly Lovers is inspired by Faye Wong 2046. This quadriptych symbolises the fate of the South China tiger subspecies, which is thought to only survive in captivity. It also carry a message of hope, that the vital work of organisations like Save Wild Tigers is ensuring that other tiger subspecies continue to play with butterflies.  Butterlfy Lover, Cherry Blossom Girl, and Weeping Durga (below) were auctioned in London and Kuala Lumpur at SWT events to raise funds for the conservation of wild tigers.