Butterfly Lover Zhu Yintai

Butterfly Lover Zhu Yintai


Butterfly Lover Zhu Yintai 2014 colour Biro drawing

South China Tiger Quadriptych

The South China tiger quadriptych includes Yin and YangButterfly LoverButterfly Lover Zhu Yintai and Cherry Blossom Girl. All four artworks illustrate The Legend of the Last South China Tiger written by Jane for Save Wild Tigers (SWT) a UK conservation charity. 

The quadriptych symbolises the fate of the South China tiger subspecies, which is thought to survive only in captivity, with many tigers bred in tiger farms to supply the illegal trade in fur and body parts. This body of work was also created to raise awareness of the plight of tigers and conservation organisations like SWT and Born Free that are working tirelessly to ensure all remaining tiger subspecies continue to play with butterflies.  

Butterfly Lover Zhu Yintai is the third drawing for the legend and largely a study for Cherry Blossom Girl artwork but also pays homage to Jane's passions for film and nature.