Tiger Biro Drawing Workshop filmed for Born Free 
Thought Foundation
01 September 2019


As part of her environmental and art project Where Did All the Animals Go? Jane organised a special free workshop inviting Kate, Caleb, Jude and Layla who regularly attend her workshops at Thought Foundation to participate. The purpose of this workshop was to make a Biro drawing video for Jane's project partners Born Free.

Born Free Education are visiting Africa in November 2019, to teach children in Ethiopia about wildlife conservation. Jane's tiger Biro Drawing Workshop video forms part of Born Free's education resources, where children will be given the opportunity to watch the video and make drawings of wildlife.


The video will be available to view on Workshops page and YouTube as a drawing resource for both children and adults. Here is a selection of images from the workshop video including all participating children and their drawings

Jane and Lily


Filming at Thought Foundation with Jane, left to right: Kate Tooley, Layla Campbell, Caleb and Jude Coleman


Working with Layla Campbell


Jane working on her tiger 'Idol' sculpture


Bengal Tiger footage courtesy of Born Free


Thought Foundation


Kate Tooley working on her tiger Biro drawing


Layla with her finished Tiger drawing


Jude with his finished Tiger drawing


Caleb with his finished Tiger drawing


Kate with her finished Tiger drawing



All four children worked exceptionally hard not only to make their fantastic tiger drawings but also participating in the making of the film. Here are the finished drawings:


Tiger 2019 Biro drawing Kate Tooley age 11


Tiger 2019 Biro drawing Caleb Coleman age 9


Tiger 2019 Biro drawing Jude Coleman age 7


 Tiger 2019 Biro drawing Layla Campbell age 9



Jane would like to thank the following people for their help, advice and support:

Born Free Foundation
Laura Gosset - Head of Education, Born Free
David Bolton - Education Officer, Born Free
Thought Foundation       
Jess Kirton 
Parents of participating children
Layla Campbell      
Caleb Coleman
Jude Coleman 
Kate Tooley
Danielle Campbell 
Nikki Lee
Robert Lee and Lily!