Tiger Drawing Workshop
Year 6 Art Day, Royal Grammar School, Newcastle
15 October 2019


Jane was delighted to be invited back to the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle for Year 6 Art Day, for a second year to deliver 50-minute workshops to three classes. This year the subject she chose to study was tigers and the workshops included a presentation about the nine tiger sub-species, her drawings featuring tigers as well as tiger facts and why tigers are endangered. Jane also explained why she founded Drawing for Endangered Species workshops in 2014 - discovering aged eight that the Caspian tiger had been declared extinct she promised her adult self that she would highlight the plight of endangered wildlife. This opportunity has arisen through making art that explores destruction generated by humans.

Weeping Durga 2016 colour Biro drawing, Jane Lee McCracken



Children had around 30 minutes to make their drawings in single or colour Biro on A3 paper and the results are astonishing. Some children were colour blind and the drawings resulting in being allowed to work with the colours they see are wonderful:

Screenshot of a selection of Year 6 colour Biro tiger drawings 2019