Spots and Stripes Workshop
Reception, Mortimer Primary School South Shields
9 October 2019 0900-1530


Jane was invited by Arts and Technology Co-ordinator and Reception Teacher Katie Lawrenson of Mortimer Primary School to deliver Biro drawing workshops to the school's three reception classes to help develop their drawing skills.

Children of all ages generally love art and animals so Jane devised a workshop incorporating studying species with iconic fur, the cheetah and zebra in order to enthuse children with their contrasting coat patterns and help them gain confidence using Biros by practicing making spots and stripes shapes on scrap paper first before making their finished drawings.

The workshops included a short presentation about 'What is an Artist?', examples of different artist's artworks and styles, Jane's own artwork and fun facts zebras and cheetahs, with tips on how to draw with Biro. Children from each class impressed Jane with their knowledge of each species and their ability to listen intently to the presentation and learn to draw in Biro.



Each child embraced the challenge of drawing cheetahs or zebra's using Biro with great enthusiasm and although a couple of children who were initially daunted by drawing without pencil guidelines or feared the empty white space of the A3 paper they were encouraged by Jane to overcome their doubts and enjoy drawing. Faces of the animals are full of character with genuine care taken to represent their features, body shapes and the patterns of their coats. Here is a selection of their drawings: