Oceans Biro Drawing Workshop
Thought Foundation
20 October 2019 1030-1230


Attending this workshop were both adults and children from seven years upwards. Jane's presentation included intriguing facts about octopuses and ways to help marine life including using less plastic and recycling. This workshops selection of animal images included the following classes: cephalopods, crustaceans, seabirds, marine mammals, ocean fishes, sea turtles, sharks, and species selected as either iconic, colourful or beautifully textured:

Mandarin Fish
Polar Bear
King Penguin
Blue-spotted Octopus
Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish
Bottle-nosed Dolphin
Humpback Whale
Mako Shark
American Lobster
Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Leafy Sea Dragon
Horned-ghost Crab


It's wonderful to welcome new people to workshops alongside those talented artists who regularly attend - Kate, Caleb, Luke, Owen, Dawn, Clare, Helen, Alisa, Violet and Edie. What's always joyous is many people who attend Jane's workshops for the first time haven't drawn since they were at school, or have never drawn with Biro, and many even doubt their ability to draw but watching their drawings evolve and confidence grow is wondrous!

New attendees included 10 year old Beatrice who made an astonishing drawing of a polar bear. This emotional artwork captures the bear's beautiful face and ambling gait brilliantly. Lilja's horned ghost crab is incredibly expressive and beautifully colourful and Helena's delicate blue-spotted octopus tentatively explores the ocean bed.

Mako sharks the fastest of all shark species are captured racing through the ocean by Caleb and Jude who also made splendid drawings of blue-spotted octopus and king penguin. Owen's bold horned ghost crab drawing excellently depicts the armour of this cute crustacean. Clare's gorgeous Hawksbill turtle is beautiful work in progress, as are Kate, Dawn and Helen's stunning Mandarin fish - at just 6cm long, one of the most colourful fish in the ocean. 

Kate's mother Lisa who has been bringing Kate to Jane's workshops since 2019 was also inspired to draw for the first time in many years. Lisa created wonderful pencil drawings of a Mako shark and walrus:


Mandarin Fish Kate Tooley, Age 11


Polar Bear Beatrice age 10


Mako Shark Jude Coleman age 7


Blue-spotted Octopus Jude Coleman age 7


Mako Shark Caleb Coleman age 9


King Penguin Caleb Coleman age 9


Horned Ghost Crab Owen age 10


Mandarin Fish Dawn Hunter


Hawksbill Sea Turtle Clare Metcalfe


Blue-spotted Octopus Helena


Horned Ghost Crab Lilja


Mandarin Fish Helen Simmons


Mako Shark 2019 pencil drawing, Lisa Tooley


Walrus 2019 colour pencil drawing, Lisa Tooley