Endangered Species Biro Drawing Workshop
Thought Foundation
21 January 2019


An array of endangered or vulnerable species was selected for this workshop which was attended by both adults and children. Species studied in Biro included:

Brown Hare
African Elephant
Giant Panda
Snow Leopard

Thought Foundation Workshop space



Kate Tooley aged 10 created a stunning drawing of Africa's incredible Painted or Wild Dog, in which she captured the expression on the dog's face and its fur beautifully.

One of the most popular species at this workshop was the Chimpanzee. Nikki made a beautiful green Biro drawing of a chimpanzee with haunting eyes. Her delicate mark-making was emphasised further by her choice of green Biro. The eyes are haunting. Caleb and Jude created expressive and characterful interpretations of chimpanzees as well as other species.


Nikki working on her chimpanzee drawing in green Biro


Sarah's marvellous red squirrel is the quintessence of our beloved native squirrel and Dawn encapsulated the primaeval essence of the brown hare in her stylised drawing:


African Wild Dog 2019 Biro drawing Kate Tooley age 10


Chimpanzee 2019 Biro drawing Nikki


Chimpanzee 2019 Biro drawing Geraldine


Chimpanzee 2019 Biro drawing Caleb age 8


Chimpanzee 2019 Biro drawing Jude age 6


Giant Panda 2019 Biro drawing by 4 year old attendee


Brown Hare 2019 Biro drawing Dawn


Mandrill 2019 Biro drawing Caleb


Snow Leopard 2019 Biro drawing Amy Hardy


Red Squirrel 2019 Biro drawing Sarah


African Elephant 2019 Biro drawing