Endangered Species Biro Drawing Workshop
Leeds University Union Art Society
23 October 2019 13.30 - 1600


Attending this workshop were members of the Leeds University Union Art Society. Jane's presentation focused on one endangered species, tigers, and included tiger facts and why they are endangered. This workshop image selection included a range of species from different continents selected as either iconic or little known vulnerable species, including the critically endangered Red Wolf with just 24 remaining in the wild. Jane was fortunate to see red wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center, New York when she visited in March 2018 as part of her ongoing association with WCC. Species studied and drawn in colour Biro during this workshop included the following:

Red Wolf: CR population 24
Bengal Tiger: EN population 2500
Lemur Leaf Frog: CR population unknown
Gharial: CR population 300-900
Visayan Warty Pig: CR population 300
Military Macaw: VU population 2,000 - 7,000
Asian Elephant: EN population: 30,000 - 50,000
Ring Tailed Lemur: EN population 2,000 - 2,400
Golden Snub-nosed Monkey: EN population: 8,000 – 15,000
Brown Hare: EN (UK) population 700,000
European Honey Bee: THREATENED / ENDANGERED DD population: UNKNOWN
Siamese Fighting Fish / Pla Kud: VU population UNKNOWN


Red Wolf: image credit Maggie Howl, Wolf conservation Center, NY



Catching up with her Yorkshire student roots on her trip to Leeds, Jane met with two special people, Catherine Reader and Luke Haddington who voluntarily organise the Leeds University Union Art Society providing a hub of creativity which is a valuable resource for talented students who enjoy art but are studying courses outside the arts. Catherine and Luke, who both made beautiful drawings during the workshop, have organised a splendid art schedule for members which has included visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, painting on ceramics and life drawing. 


A menagerie of vulnerable species evolved in Biro on paper. From Luke's stunning Siamese fighting fish with exquisite fantail, magnificent red wolves, beautiful hares, expressive Asian elephant, gorgeous military macaws, tiger, golden snub-nosed monkey to brilliant ring-tailed lemurs.

Luke Haddington's drawing of a Siamese Fighting Fish is an effortlessly beautiful study of these ethereal creatures. The billowing fins and fantail ripple through his drawing. Although Luke doesn't study art he is an exceptionally accomplished artist, who exhibited in local exhibitions during his teenage years.

Lily, who is studying Japanese, is also an incredibly gifted artist, making drawings with a distinct anime style. Not only did she create a beautiful sheet of multiple drawings including critically endangered Visayan warty pig and her interpretation of golden snub-nosed monkeys, she also created some delightful drawings of animals in her sketchbook before the workshop. 

Izzy who is also a talented artist began her exceptional Military Macaw drawing in the workshop and finished it at home. She captures both flight and feathers beautifully. You can see her stunning before and after drawings below.

Everyone enjoyed creating their portraits using colour Biro with astonishing results.

"Thank you so much for the lovely class today, I really enjoyed it and look forward to drawing more animals!" Izzy 

"Thank you, I loved it! Your workshop was the reason I joined the art society anyway, so you've got me back into drawing" Amy

Siamese Fighting Fish 2019 colour Biro drawing, Luke Haddington


Red Wolf 2019 colour Biro drawing, Catherine Reader


Bengal Tiger 2019 Biro drawing, Amy (Amy began her beautiful tiger drawing in the workshop and completed at home)


Ring-taled Lemur 2019 colour Biro drawing


Red Wolf 2019 colour Biro Drawing


Military Macaw 2019 Biro drawing in progress, Izzy Savage


Military Macaw 2019 Biro drawing (finished at home), Izzy Savage


Golden Snub-nosed Monkey 2019 colour Biro drawing, Marijn Versteegen


Asian Elephant 2019 colour Biro drawing


Military Macaw 2019 colour Biro drawing


Brown Hare 2019 colour Biro drawing


Sheet of drawings including Visayan Warty Pig, Gharial and stylised Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys 2019 Biro drawings, Lily


Gharial 2019 Biro drawing, Lily


Visayan Warty Pig 2019 Biro drawing, Lily


Fish 2019 pencil drawings, Lily


Octopus 2019 blue pencil drawing, Lily