Elephant and African Wildlife Workshop 
Thought Foundation
18 August 2019


After the success of July's Elephant Biro Drawing Workshop and by popular demand, another workshop featuring elephants was delivered at Thought Foundation. Other African species were also included in this workshop and attendees had a choice of the following species:

African Elephants
Reticulated Giraffe
African Lion
Plains Zebra
Grauer's Gorilla
Hooded Vulture

Rhino 2014 Biro drawing detail Jane Lee McCracken


Attendees at this workshop included Alisa, Violet and Edie Richardson. Alisa is an outstanding Artist and has produced several beautiful drawings during workshops including this stunning portrait of Grauer's Gorillas which she finished at home. Alisa's mark-making and drawing style are exquisite and it's a joy to see her sensitive artwork develop and her confidence grow.

Nine year-old Violet's drawings skills have surged forward since attending workshops and her natural talent, like her mother's, is shining through as her confidence also grows. Violet's Hooded Vulture is astonishingly accomplished for someone so young. Six year-old Edie chose to make a portrait poster of her African Snail, Scrambled Eggs, sadly no longer with us. It's wonderful to see Edie expressing herself through drawing in Biro. 

Brothers nine year-old Caleb and seven year-old Jude who attend every workshop always create wonderfully expressive drawings of wildlife and their cheetah drawings are particularly sensitive. By special request Rosie drew a panda:

Grauer's Gorillas 2019 Biro and mixed media drawing Alisa Richardson

 Hooded Vulture 2019 colour Biro drawing Violet


Scrambled Eggs, African Snail 2019 colour Biro drawing Edie


Plains Zebra 2019 Biro drawing Caleb Coleman


Cheetah 2019 Biro drawing Jude Coleman


Cheetah 2019 Biro drawing Caleb Coleman


Shoebill 2019 colour Biro drawing Jude Coleman


Elephant Calf 2019 Biro drawing Maureen Wilson


Panda 2019 colour Biro drawing Rosie


Elephant Calf 2019 Biro drawing Owen


Elephant Herd 2019 Biro drawing Suzanne Stanley


Bull Elephant 2019 Biro drawing Helen


African Lion 2019 colour Biro drawing in progress Clare Metcalfe


Grauer's Gorilla 2019 Biro drawing in progress Helen Simmons