About the Workshops

Since 2012, Jane has delivered drawing workshops, using Biro her chosen medium, to thousands of people across the globe including at schools working with children from Reception to Upper Sixth.

Jane focuses on the fact that drawing is a skill we all possess and can be a great source of self-expression and escapism, encouraging self-confidence to continue drawing and reinforcing that "everyone can draw".


Jane's art practice explores loss to both humans and animals generated by human destruction. Endangered species often feature in her art. She founded Drawing for Endangered Species Workshops (DFES) in 2014 in partnership with international wildlife charity Born Free, to share her passions for Biro drawing and wildlife. The aim of these workshops is to highlight the plight of endangered species and the need for wildlife conservation through art and education. 

Fosa 2019 colour Biro drawing, Kate Tooley Year 6

Many children possess a natural enthusiasm for drawing and animals. Through Biro drawing, education and the opportunity to enjoy self-expression, I hope to inspire children and enhance self-confidence, as well as nurture environmental brokers and generate individual compassion for wildlife and the environment, which will continue into adulthood. Jane Lee McCracken

Madagascar Biro Drawing Workshop at Thought Foundation 2019


Attendees are given the opportunity to learn about and create portraits of vulnerable species using single colour or full colour Biros.

Workshops include a brief discussion about featured animals and why they are threatened as well as ways to help wildlife. This is followed by a practical Biro drawing session. Individual tutoring, Biro drawing tips and advice are given by Jane throughout her workshops with an informal exhibition at the end of each workshop.

Chimpanzee 2019 colour Biro drawing, Isaac Year 5 Jarrow Cross Primary

Attendees are encouraged to express themselves and embrace the unique drawing styles we all possess. They are also encouraged to see animals in the images provided as individual beings that live their own lives according to their needs and to make an emotional connection with the animal they choose to draw.

Orangutan 2019 black and red Biro drawing, Vicky Cracknell

Forming emotional connections with species and thinking about what their eyes have seen and that many of them face an uncertain future on our planet, is one of the keys to helping wildlife.

"If we care we want to conserve" Jane Lee McCracken

Red Wolf 2019 drawing, Tomas

Her aim is also to help attendees discover that drawing transports the mind from everyday life, can be used as a simple and free therapeutic tool for mental well-being and also build self-confidence.

Oceania Biro Drawing workshop, Mortimer Primary School, South Shields


Half-day fee including materials £150
Full day fee including materials £250

For booking inquiries contact jane@janeleemccracken.co.uk

Festive Biro Drawing Workshop, Thought Foundation December 2019