British Wildlife Biro Drawing Workshop
Thought Foundation
26 January 2020


Jane's first public workshop of 2020, and what a workshop it was with brilliant drawings celebrating British wildlife created by attendees of all ages.

Four families attended this workshop. It's always wonderful to see parents and children sharing drawing-time as well as parents getting some 'me-time'. Helen and Clare, regular attendees related tales of their recent travels to see wildlife, Helen having visited the rainforests of Costa Rica which were teaming with species and where she was fortunate to see a mother and baby sloth and a quetzal, one of the most beautiful birds in the world.
This workshops presentation about helping wildlife and combating the bio-diversity crisis by starting at home (with kind thanks to Colin for his brilliant point about weeds):
  • LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN BACK YARD! Looking after local environments can help biodiversity flourish, no matter where we live and also help combat the climate emergency
  • Plant pollinator-friendly plants in gardens, pots and window boxes. Many pollinator-friendly plants from garden centre’s contain pesticides so plant from seed
  • If you don’t have a garden, volunteer for community urban or woodland planting schemes or beach clean-ups. Our gardens, parks and urban and rural wild spaces can become a network of nature reserves.


Image credit: Meadowmania

  • Using pesticides is harmful to both wildlife, and humans. Stop using pesticides and let nature look after itself, sparrows and other creatures will eat your greenfly! Leave weeds to grow in your garden, they are after all wildflowers and plants

Images top row left to right: Death's Head Hawkmoth and Small Elephant Hawkmoth; bottom row left to right: Oleander Hawkmoth and Broad banded Bee Hawkmoth 2012 colour Biro drawings, Jane Lee McCracken 


British species studied included:

Red FoxBrown Hare Endangered UK
Barn Owl
Red Deer
Common Frog
Death's Head Hawkmoth
Beaver Reintroduced
Scottish Wildcat Critically Endangered
Jane was particularly proud of Emma and Chris who had not drawn since primary school.  Emma filled the paper with a beautiful drawing of a brown hare, now endangered in the UK and Chris drew a brilliant badger, proving yet again that everyone can draw!
Their twin daughters Charlotte and Olivia also made incredible drawings - both embracing their own unique drawing styles with Charlotte drawing colour lines around her grey long-eared bat and abstract marks on its wings and Olivia's beautifully captured red deer stag stands proud as a true Monarch of the Glen.
Five-year-old Isabel astounded everyone with her astonishingly accomplished barn owl as well as giving drawing tips to her mum who made a marvellous drawing of a common frog. Workshop regulars and superstar drawers Caleb and Jude also made fantastic drawings of a stag, while Lily made a sensitive drawing of a Scottish wildcat and her Emma, who has just recently taken up drawing, drew a wonderful fox with gleaming eyes.
Beavers were reintroduced to Scotland in 2016, and subsequently, Devon and Wales having been wiped out in the 16th century, and Violet's brilliant drawing in progress really captures these adorable creatures. Colin, Violet's Dad captured a sense of fluttering wings in his drawing of a Death's head hawkmoth on an abstract bark background, Edie's wildcat snarled and talented Mum, Alisa's drawing in progress of a red fox is going to be another gem.
Talented sisters Lizzy and Catherine made wonderful drawings of a common frog with heart and a barn owl with soul. Helen's elegant hare is also coming on brilliantly as is Clare's beautiful fox and Dawn's bold and confident Death's head Hawkmoth.
Grey long-eared bat 2020 colour Biro drawing, Charlotte age 10
Red Deer 2020 colour Biro drawing, Olivia age 10
Brown Hare 2020 colour Biro drawing, Emma Kettle
Badger 2020 colour Biro drawing, Chris Kettle
Common Frog 2020 colour Biro drawing, Charlotte
Brown Hare 2020 colour Biro drawing, Olivia
Death's Head Hawkmoth 2020 colour Biro drawing, Dawn Hunter
Barn Owl 2020 colour Biro drawing, Isabel age 5
Common Frog 2020 colour Biro drawing, Jess
Red Deer 2020 colour Biro drawing, Jude age 7
Red Deer colour Biro drawing, Caleb age 9
Barn Owl 2020 colour Biro drawing, Caleb age 9
Red Fox 2020 colour Biro drawing, Emma
Scottish Wildcat 2020 colour Biro drawing, Lily age 10
Common Frog 2020 colour Biro drawing, Lizzy age 13
Barn Owl 2020 colour Biro drawing, Catherine
Death's Head Hawkmoth 2020 colour Biro drawing, Colin
Scottish Wildcat 2020 colour Biro drawing, Edie age 6
Beaver 2020 colour Biro drawing, Violet age 10
Brown Hare, Helen
Red Fox, Clare
Red Fox, Alisa
Barn Owl sketch, Isabel