Laguna Beach 
Californian Wildlife Biro Drawing Workshop 
12 February 2020


Another workshop held by Jane to give local children of Laguna Beach, California the opportunity to participate in her art and environmental education project Where Did All the Animals Go? in partnership with international wildlife charity Born Free. Four children attended this 40-minute workshop, creating remarkable drawings of Californian species.

Rosie and Lily working on their drawings

Species selected for this workshop included:

Gray Wolf:

Conservation Status CA: EN
Population CA: 7-10
Mountain Lion:
Global Conservation Status:LEAST CONCERN
Population CA: 4,000 - 6,000
Canada Lynx:
Conservation Status CA: VU 
Population CA: UNKNOWN
Tule Elk:
Conservation Status CA: UNTHREATENED
Population CA: 4,000
Island Fox
Conservation Status CA: EN
Population: approx. 6,000 across six Channel Island subspecies
California Condor
Conservation Status CA: EN
Population: 488
Ohlone Tiger Beetle
Conservation Status: EN
Population: UNKNOWN

Southern Sea Otter
Conservation Status: EN
Population CA: 3,000
California Tiger Salamander
Conservation Status: EN
Population: approx. 10,000
Jane was astonished by the exceptional drawings achieved within just 40 minutes, before children had to depart for swimming club!
Grace created an exceptional drawing of a beautiful Ana Hummingbird. She worked hard to perfect the proportions and shows great use of colour, bringing this miraculous little bird to life through her drawing. You can almost hear its wings beating!
Grace with her Ana Hummingbird drawing
Eight-year-old Sammy created a superbly accomplished work in progress of a Black Bear. Sammy's preliminary sketch demonstrated a mature understanding of the proportions and features of her subject. Sammy went on to achieve the beginnings of a beautifully sensitive drawing. Jane is very much looking forward to seeing the finished artwork.
Sammy, age 8 with her black bear drawing in progress

Lily, Sammy's sister also created an incredible work in progress of an Island fox. Jane was very proud of Lily who worked diligently through her preliminary sketches to perfect the outline and features of her fox for her final drawing. The resulting work in progress demonstrates confident and beautiful line-making. Another drawing Jane is looking forward to seeing finished.
Lily, age 10 with her Island Fox drawing
Rosie's effortless style produced a beautiful and bold statement drawing of a Mountain Lion's face, the third in a series of puma face drawings she produced during Jane's visit. This version saw Rosie further explore her expressive mark-making style while making a more abstract, angular drawing, with an accomplished understanding of rendering of the lion's eyes. Great work Rosie, another powerful piece!
Rosie, age 10 with her Mountain Lion drawing
Drawings created by this talented group can be seen below:
Ana Hummingbird 2020 colour Biro drawing, Grace

Black Bear 2020 colour Biro drawing, Sammy Moutray

Island Fox 2020 colour Biro drawing, Lily Moutray
Mountain Lion 2020 colour Biro drawing, Rosie Rogers
Jane would like to say a huge thank you to all attending young artists and workshop host Susie Moutray, for supporting her Where Did All the Animals Go? project and providing more people with the opportunity of learning about vulnerable species while transporting their minds through drawing.