Pregnant with Twins Pinup 2017

Twins 2017 colour Biro drawing Pinup series for War

This piece explores the threat of destruction endured by both domestic animals and humans during warfare, symbolised by a woman and a Lipizzaner horse, both pregnant with twins. It also represents the true story of a family that survived WWII. The depicted woman’s mother gave birth to her while in hiding from the Nazi’s while her paternal Grandfather was imprisoned in Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Following his liberation, he published an account of life in the camp; a copy of his book was given to Jane by the family. The colours and kitsch style of the drawing reflect the second-wave feminism in the 1960s, when the woman gave birth to the next generation of her family. The Lipizzaner mare not only symbolises brutality towards many domestic animals during conflict but also draws a parallel to the woman, and how the course of history preserves some bloodlines but extinguishes others. In 1942 as war intensified, the German High Command relocated most of Europe’s Lipizzaner breeding stock from Austria to Hostau, Czechoslovakia. The discovery of the Hostau horses by the American Army in 1945, and the imminent threat of their slaughter by the encroaching Red Army, led to a rescue mission. Operation Cowboy approved by General George. S. Patton, involved the evacuation by US soldiers of the Lipizzaner herd to Allied-occupied Germany, saving the breed from extinction. This piece also explores the moral question of equality for all sentient beings. In commemoration of Pilgrim and Roxy.