Kaboom! Where did all the Animals Go?

Kaboom! Where did All the Animals Go?

Kaboom! Where did All the Animals Go? 2010 colour Biro drawing

This drawing contemplates what happens to animals inhabiting landscapes destroyed by explosive weaponry, during war. The drawing features Nymphenburg's white biscuit Lying Stag designed by August Göhring 1939, depicted as a delicate piece of uranium glass, symbolising the fragility of many eco-systems. The glass stag is the colour of the Emerald City from the film The Wizard of Oz 1939. In a scene of tranquility the stag becomes a green halo, suggesting the purity of virgin forest before destruction . The film A Prophet 2009 Jacques Audiard, inspires a drawing layer of a herd of deer caught in car headlights. This layer reflects the sequence in the film where a stag is run over by a car, symbolising the onslaught of war.