Dreamer 'Old Foe'

Dreamer Old Foe 2013 Biro on found un-named Japanese ceramic figurine

Inspired by still images from the Chinese animation Black Cat Detective Shanghai Animation Film Studio 1984 – 2006 and images of the Jane's late stone coloured mouse Tinkerbell. The origins of this piece represent the age-old feud between cats and mice ultimately leading to the cat's natural but often cruel death play with the mouse. Black Cat Detective is noted for being particularly violent in comparison with other cat and mouse animations such as Tom and Jerry. The animated cat’s face is replaced by a black panther’s face, representing the panthera species’ of big cats, many of which are under threat of extinction from traditional Chinese medicine. The flying mice suggest traditional animation representations of death as winged mice fly to heaven. The figurine is dreaming of escaping the cat's claws.