Dreamer 'Dog'

Dreamer 'Dog' from 'Girl and Dog' 2014 red Biro drawing on found Royal Ashmore ceramic Boxer Dog Puppy figurine

A playful puppy looks towards its owner, Girl (figurine) as it dreams and fears the dog meat trade.  Red Biro drawings of dog skulls form a pattern reminiscent of Chinese folk art or fabric patterns on his back. In the centre of the skull pattern are the eyes of a dog rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade.   Originally domesticated from wolves, it is thought that dogs have been domesticated longest in East Asia. Dogs have been eaten in China and other countries across the world for thousands of years. Dog meat is still consumed in China, Vietnam, Korea and Switzerland. Girl and Dog questions if there is a difference between eating dogs as opposed to other species consumption. It also highlights the inhumane conditions dogs are subjected to before slaughter as well as slaughter methods.   A change in attitudes in dog consuming countries has seen the rise of Animal Welfare groups, particularly in China where campaigning against the consumption of dogs is growing. It is estimated that 25 million dogs are slaughtered each year for human consumption across the world.