Sweet T-shirt - A Wolves Tale in Two Tees

I am thrilled to launch Sweet men's and women's 100% organic cotton T-shirt design featuring my original Biro drawing, which joins Revenge T-shirt design to complete the tale of two star-crossed wolves.



Sweet design is inspired by my dog and muse Lily.

Both Sweet and Revenge designs explore the close family relationships shared by wolves, through an infamous tale of love and loyalty between a white wolf and black mate, who mourns her loss and transforms into a superhero. 



Luxurious cotton T-shirts are digitally printed to capture all the detail of my original Biro drawings. Printed in the UK using eco-friendly, water-based inks, T-shirts are ethically sourced and produced in an accredited factory.

Sweet and Revenge are two of the most popular designs from my print and fine English china collection. Revenge was launched as a T-shirt design last year. 

I love seeing my art being worn! T-shirts are also a way of communicating powerful statements through art.

Sweet and Revenge artworks are close to my heart as Sweet depicts an angelic wolf inspired by my dog Lily. Years ago when I visited Romania, I saw storks for the first time. Their beauty and colouring reminded me of Lily, who was back home in the UK. 

This encounter inspired the grey wolf Biro drawing diptych for my collection of limited edition prints and fine English china In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia, which highlights not only the majesty of Eurasian carnivores but why they are threatened.

The wolf diptych alludes to the sorrowful tale, based on a true story, of white wolf Blanca who was used as a lure to trap her mate, Lobo. The drawings also represents the misguided vilification and persecution of wild wolves to this day.

As my work explores loss to both people, animals and the environment, it is also a priority to source not only the highest quality organic cotton and ethically made T-shirts but that the printing method used is also eco-friendly.

I am thrilled to add Sweet T-shirt design to my collection of T-shirts, limited edition prints and fine English china.

T-shirts retail at £30 and are available as part of Jane's online collection here: 



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