Sunderland Artwork

Sunderland original red Bic Biro drawing is part of my new project I LOVE THIS CITY | COLLECTION.  Residing in South Tyneside means I am virtually equidistant from the cities of Sunderland and Newcastle. I love exploring both cities, which have an abundance of history, accomplishment and great North East spirit! Sunderland gained city status in 1992 and I wanted to represent the pride held by Mackems for their great city, situated on the River Wear. Inspiration for Sunderland artwork came from Sunderland's shipbuilding heritage. Also represented is the deep passion held across Wearside for the historic Sunderland Association Football Club, whose mascots are the Blackcats. Sunderland products from the collection will be available from my online store soon.  Meanwhile read the explanation below about the symbolism woven into Sunderland drawing. Haway!


Sunderland 2018 red Bic Biro drawing



Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the City of Sunderland, granted city status in 1992 this drawing depicts iconic Wearside landmarks and acknowledges Mackem pride for their city and football club. Magnificent black panthers, of Sunderland Association FC also known as the Black Cats, assemble on the Wearmouth Bridge. Layered elements include the Penshaw Monument and the launch of cargo ship Victoria City, symbolising the legacy of Sunderland's eminent shipbuilding industry. The name Mackem is mostly thought to have derived from the phrase mackem and tackem, which refers to making ships in Sunderland shipyards and taking them down the river Wear to sea. Striding across the bridge is a representation of a black cat caricature from a 1930’s football card. Homage to the city's prestigious glassmakers is paid through the glass like appearance of sections of the Wearmouth Bridge, the sparkling eyes of the panthers and glass tug boats sailing down the river Wear. The ghost like presentation of the little boats suggests the demise of the region’s shipyards. Sitting on top of the bridge next to the large panther’s paw, is an effigy of what some historians believe to be the original black cat, a stray that lived at SAFC’s legendary Roker Park Stadium during the early 1900s. An illuminated twilight setting emphasises the city’s monumental landmarks in this deconstruction of the city of Sunderland coat of arms. 


Initial iPad sketch for Sunderland drawing


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