RGS Students visit Gosforth Civic Theatre Exhibition

Following their visit to Gosforth Civic Theatre to see Jane's current exhibition, students from the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle have been busy making their own incredible drawings!  Their inspirational artist-teacher, Christine Egan-Fowler who is a performance artist and painter, has created a project for students to research and produce drawings of endangered species.  Not only have the students created the most extraordinary Biro drawings, they are now working on performances to tell the stories of the animals in their drawings.  John Tilley of GCT said they are looking forward to the students bringing their performances to the theatre.
Jane said "I am so thrilled to hear the students have enjoyed the exhibition and to see the beautiful drawings they have created!  Encouraging people to draw as well as learn about endangered species is something I am extremely passionate about.  It's been wonderful to find out how much the students have embraced the fantastic project Christine has set them.  Drawing is not only one of the oldest forms of expression, it's something we can all do! It's also an amazing therapeutic tool we can use to transport our minds.  Educating younger generations about the environment and the beautiful species that inhabit our planet is one of the key factors in helping conserve them, as it forms a bond where people care about what happens to species. This in turn motivates conservation.  I can't wait to watch the students performances!" Here are some of their outstanding drawings:
Left:  Sophia enlarged her Tuna to four feet tall
Centre: Brooke was inspired by a leatherback turtle skull in the Hancock Museum;
Right: Blue Biro drawing of turtle 
Feature image courtesy of GCT

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