26 September 2007 - 2 May 2020

Our hearts are broken at the loss of Lily, our butterfly girl, our best everything. She was, simply, an angel on earth. It was a privilege to share each day with a being whose mesmerising beauty, both inside and out, illuminated our lives igniting a love for her that remains greater than life itself. For this, we are eternally grateful, and despite the deep and aching void her passage from this world has left, her legacy is preserved in every snow-white cloud that drifts through the sky and on the wings of butterflies that flutter like her eyelashes. Her soulful amber eyes which reflected her remarkable intelligence, glisten in the sunbeams that awaken the flowers of dandelions and daisies growing on the lawn where she last lay. More human than canine, Lily was my shadow and muse inspiring my art for twelve and a half years, years that overflowed with joy and happiness incited by her sweet song, jubilant smile and celestial presence. She gave us the longest goodbye staying close until her time finally came. Lily passed away in my arms, enveloped in our love and is at peace. Always in our hearts until we meet again, the beautiful, unique and luminous Lily. 

Our Memories of Lily

Heavy white lashes that flashed like delicate wings
Gently howls as if she was trying to sing
Thick velvet ears that looked like flattened snow
Clicking and tapping as she walked across the floor
Twitching nose in our garden discovering new smells
Sweet natured and gentle where ever she went
Adoration for Robert and Jane abundantly clear
Dear Lily we know will always be near

Karen and Steve Hope

My husband Rob and I are overwhelmed by the flowers, gifts, cards, emails and hundreds of messages following our beautiful Lily's passing, not only from our beloved family and dear friends but from strangers across the world. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to extend our grateful thanks to everyone for your kind and comforting words. Through the tears, we are smiling and laughing at the cherished memories we share of our beautiful angel Lily.

Oh Jane.... I don't know what to say, I'm devastated too. I'm so sorry and thinking of you both and I'm so sorry we can't see you. Love to you both ❤❤ xxx

Jill, Jemma, Jamie and Ewan

Dad and I so devastated to hear about Lily, she was beautiful and a real character. You both gave her so much love and it was lovely for her that her two favourite people were with her when she had to leave.

Mum and Dad

My heart is breaking for you both, I'm here for you anytime, just remember she will always be with you. Thinking she is in my garden and her nose is twitching, happy memories xxx

Mam and Steve

Painting in memory of Lily by Kate Tooley

Words cannot fully express just how touched and overwhelmed my husband and I are to receive this precious painting from 11 year old Kate Tooley, in memory of Lily. Kate, your thoughtful gift has brought great comfort and joy to us, through our tears. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness in giving us this beautiful artwork which we will treasure forever alongside our cherished memories of our beautiful, angel Lily.

You couldn't have given Lily a more lovely life both of you. Be proud of what you gave her and thankful for the legacy that Jane has given Lily though her art. Wish we could come and give you a cuddle. All our love. We will raise a glass or two for her tonight. xxxxxxx
Dad and Nikki

I know nothing I can say will be able to help but I'm just letting you and jane know that I'm here for both of you if you need anyone to talk to and Lily was such a loving and happy dog, it's just so so sad, just try and remember all your good times with her today, sending my love to both of you x

"Hello Jane it's Jude and I have sent you a picture for your beloved Lily. Caleb has also sent you a winged horse x"
Caleb and Jude Coleman ages 10 and 7

Dear Jane and Rob, we are all so sad to hear about your gorgeous Lily. She was such a beautiful girl and we know she brought you both so much happiness. We are thinking of you.
Douglas, Sarah, Justin, Esme, Kerr, Kirsten, John, Nina, Rosie and Jolly

We are so sorry to hear of the loss of Lily. A beautiful and gentle dog that will be greatly missed.
Ryan, Angela, Sienna, and Jake

We are shocked and very sad to hear of Lily's passing. She was a very special being and you must be devastated. Please know we are thinking of you both. Lots of love your Amsterdam family.
Davy, Barbara, Vera, Livia and Faye

I am so very, very sorry to hear your news. I knew Lily was dearly loved and was a huge part of your family (a third in fact, with yourselves as the other parts) Both Paul and I whole heartedly know what you are going through. It will get easier in time but there will be days when you still will expect her to be greeting you each morning. Take strength in each other, especially during these difficult and challenging times.
Juliet, Paul and Al



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