Wolves in SoHo NYC

Just landed at Wolf & Badger's beautiful flagship store in SoHo New York, Jane's six finest English china mug designs are now on display!  Part of her limited edition print and fine china collection In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia, which features threatened and endangered species, she has designed each mug as a 'little piece of art' in functional form.
Top left to right: Revenge, Sweet; Bottom left to right: Mummy Bear, Our Forefathers Our Loss, The Orphans, Shh, it's a Tiger...Bang!
Great Russian bears walk across dazzling white china, while Amur leopards leap from windmills as bear cubs play on tree branches and Siberian tigers bathe in forest pools. Two wolves also feature in a tale of love and loyalty.
Wolf & Badger, SoHo 
With attention to detail that highlights the symbolism inherent in the original Biro drawings featured, designs also include ‘a little surprise’ image inside, revealed as the user drinks from the mug. 
Our Forefathers, Our Loss Mug featuring original Biro drawing of Amur leopards
A leopard tail twitches across the interior of Our Forefathers, Our Loss as two leopard faces peer out of the mug at the world around them. 
The Orphans Mug
Bear cubs turn a tree branch into a slide in The Orphans while a wistful portrait of Mummy Bear and Baby Bear embellishes the interior of Mummy Bear mug. 
Mummy Bear Mug with Mummy Bear and Baby Bear limited edition fine English china coupe plate (background)
Shh, it's a Tiger...Bang! mug features one of the most complex drawings of the series, the essence of which is captured on the mug exterior with a wrapped mirror image of the great Siberian tiger known as Guardian of the Forest.  A prowling Siberian tiger also appears inside the mug, while the handle is decorated with the effigy of a woman and a ghost tiger as if they are walking out of the forest.
Shh, it'a Tiger...Bang! Mug
Amongst the most highly decorated and intricate mugs on the market at present, they are produced in England by prestigious ceramic designers The New English. Jane's opulent mugs are conversation pieces that add a touch of luxury while savouring your favourite morning, afternoon or evening brew.
They join her limited edition fine English china coupe plates and prints also on display in Wolf & Badger SoHo.  Browse the collection on Jane's designer page at Wolf & Badger

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