Butterfly Lover

Butterfly Lover 2014 black and neon orange Biro drawing

Butterfly Lover was specifically created for Save Wild Tigers, the original drawing auctioned in London in 2014 to raise funds for SWT vital work conserving the last remaining wild tigers. The drawing portrays the second part of The Legend of the Last South China Tiger, a tale written by Jane to symbolise the plight of the South China tiger, thought to be extinct in the wild. The artwork for her story is inspired by the old Chinese legend the Butterfly Lovers.

Butterfly Lover Detail

Limited edition prints of Butterfly Lover are available to order here with all proceeds from print sales going directly to SWT

Save Wild Tigers

"SWT works towards preventing the extinction of the wild tiger across its most viable landscapes, creating an environment whereby the wild tiger can thrive in its natural habitat. We recognise that to achieve this we need to work towards reducing demand for (captive and non-captive) tiger skins, bones and parts & derivatives, thereby stopping the illegal wildlife trade and poaching of wild tigers. We also recognise that we must protect valuable tiger habitat and interlinked ecosystems. To do this we must ensure that humans living in tiger landscapes share our vision and are fully supported."