American Dream

American Dream 2014 colour Biro drawing

Winter howls through Yellowstone National Park, sweeping across Ambassador wolf Zephyr’s fur. An intrepid stag plunges through a deep blanket of snow, pursued by wolves, as a bison battles against a blizzard on the plains between the mountains. A mountain bluebird heralds the arrival of spring, as a bear wakes from hibernation and a bison calf is caught in a spring shower, while Alpine flowers blossom on Zephyr’s legs. Summer shimmers on the wings of a monarch butterfly announcing the arrival of Nikai, the Wolf Conservation Center’s newest Ambassador. Nikai listens to the bluebird’s song as bison rut in a summer meadow.

Fall flickers over Zephyr, as a pup, and turns to winter over Alawa, also as a pup and the wolf pack led by Atka return to their winter trail. Atka, the leader of the WCC Ambassador Pack, gleams like the sun on the wings of a monarch butterfly. He watches over Zephyr, Alawa, and Nikai in a landscape where wolves roam free.

Zephyr Detail

American Dream was auctioned by Wolf Conservation Center in 2014.

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Size: 30 x 42cm

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Zephyr and Alawa Detail

Wolf Conservation Center

"The WCC’s mission is to promote wolf conservation by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment, and the human role in protecting their future. The WCC accomplishes this mission through onsite and offsite education programs emphasising wolf biology, the ecological benefits of wolves and other large predators, and the current status of wolf recovery in the United States."

Atka Detail