Dear Hoopoe

Created for the major exhibition Making Paradise: Exploring the concept of Eden through Art & Islamic Garden Design 2021 at the Aga Khan Centre Gallery, London, Dear Hoopoe is the first design for Jane's ceramic tile diptych 'Dear Hoopoe' and 'Dear Nightingale' which features her original Biro drawings.

Inspired by Attar's 12th century poem The Conference of the Birds, Dear Hoopoe portrays the hoopoe open beaked as he speaks to the gathered birds of their quest and the difficult journey they must make to search for their King. The Hoopoe is puffed up with self-importance, crown displayed in triumph. The white space to the left of design signifies an opening for the Hoopoe’s voice to carry forth to the second design Dear Nightingale where more birds are gathered. To the right of the hoopoe listening intently is an Alexandrine Parakeet, an Eurasian Eagle owl, an Upland Buzzard and a Goliath Heron. The birds are layered through the angular pattern of a tile from the Alhambra Palace which reflects the Hoopoe's wisdom.