20 June 2019 4.30pm - 8.00pm
Thought Foundation, Clarity House, Durham Road, Birtley, DH3 2TB
Open to All
An Exhibition of North East School Children’s Drawings
Working with Artist, Jane Lee McCracken
20 June – 22 July 2019 | Thought Foundation

We look forward to welcoming you to the opening of ‘Where Did All the Animals Go?’ an exhibition of endangered species Biro drawings created in Jane Lee McCracken's drawing workshops, by children from across the North East. The preview opens at 4.30pm until 8.00pm on Thursday 20 June 2019,  at Thought Foundation and is open to all. 
As well as delivering workshops to five North East schools, Jane also delivered a workshop to several exceptionally talented young people some of whom attend her drawing workshops at Thought Foundation.  Featured on the Exhibition Preview invitation above is an outstanding colour Biro drawing of a fosa by Kate Tooley, Yr 6 St Oswald's RC Primary School, South Shields who has been attending Jane's workshops for over a year. Enthused by drawing wildlife, Kate's drawing style is effortless and extremely accomplished. She particularly enjoys bringing the eyes of her subjects to life. Kate created this drawing when she was 10 years old and has captured beautifully the glowing amber eyes and feisty personality of the fosa. 
Kate Tooley at Thought Foundation with Fosa drawing in Progress
Fosa or fossa live in the remote forests of Madagascar and are the island's largest carnivores. Whilst cat-like in appearance they are also closely related to the mongoose family. Extremely agile, fosas are expert tree climbers. They are mostly solitary and although generally nocturnal, they are also active during the day. The IUCN Red List lists fosas conservation status as vulnerable as they are threatened by being hunted for food and the loss of their forest habitat to agricultural land.
More information about the exhibition here
Jane working with Kate at Thought Foundation