In 2014 Jane set up ‘Drawing for Endangered Species’ school workshops and adult workshops, in corporate partnership with Born Free Foundation.  Workshops are designed to share her passions for drawing and wildlife. They combine skill sets involved in Biro drawing as well as learning about endangered species and conservation. Workshops encourage self-expression and growth in self-confidence as well as positive ways people can help endangered species.

Golden Snub Nose Monkeys by Peter aged 10

"Many children possess a natural enthusiasm for drawing and animals. Through Biro drawing, education and the opportunity of self-expression, I hope to inspire children and enhance self-confidence, as well as generate individual interest and compassion for wildlife and the environment, which will continue into adulthood.”

Educating children about the beautiful species that inhabit our planet is one of the key factors in helping to conserve them, as it helps form bonds where people care about what happens to individual species. This in turn motivates conservation. Drawing is not only one of the oldest forms of expression, it's also an amazing therapeutic tool we can use to transport our minds. Drawing with Biro which can't be erased improves concentration skills and instills personal belief in the fact that everyone can draw!" 

Tiger by Year 3 student


Workshop Format

Workshops were inspired by Jane's drawing series In Homage to the Last Great Carnivores of Eurasia and are delivered in the following format:

  1. Whiteboard presentation about Jane's artwork, symbolism and drawing techniques - includes a slide show and interactive discussion about endangered species and why they are threatened.
  2. Demonstration of how to draw with colour Biros, personal tips and a choice of endangered species images for students to choose from and make drawings of.
  3. Practical drawing session - students are given the opportunity to celebrate the beauty of endangered species through an expressive drawing session using colour Biros. Students are given individual help and advice throughout the practical session encouraging them to enjoy exploring drawing while recognising individual drawing styles, unique to each student.
  4. Classroom art exhibition – students work displayed in improvised exhibition at the end of the workshop.
  5. Students are given a fun hand-out about endangered species and positive ways to help their conservation and the environment.
  6. Post workshop, students work is scanned and for a school poster designed by Jane. Drawings are returned to the school with PDF of poster, which can be printed by the school and used for school fundraising.

25% of each workshop fee is donated to the Born Free Foundation

For enquiries or to book a school or adult workshop please contact: