Welcome to all Laguna Beach USD VA students participating in artist Jane Lee McCracken's California Wildlife workshops for her Where Did All the Animals Go? (WDATAG?) art and environmental education project in partnership with international wildlife charity Born Free, and the project's 2021 exhibition at Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle, UK!

Jane is very much looking forward to working with you on this international project and seeing your amazing art develop! Every participating student from the UK, California, Guyana, Malaysia and Kenya will have a drawing displayed as a printed vinyl in a mural designed by Jane in the museum's Living Planet Gallery.

During the workshops children will be given a short presentation about the project and exhibition as well as drawing tips. Each student will receive individual tutoring from Jane throughout the workshop.

Jane has also designed the Resource Book which contains information about WDATAG? project in species information and images.

Before January 9, 17, 24 & 31 workshops please read the following instructions in preparation for each workshop:

  • DOWNLOAD the Resource Book below (Please note text is in UK English)
  • READ pages 3–14 of the Resource Book before the workshop
  • CHOOSE 6 species to draw from the list on page 8 – make sure you include 1 x bird, 2 x mammals, 1 x reptile, 1 x amphibian and 1 x insect in your selection
  • PRINT colour images of your chosen species which you will find from page 15 onwards - there are 23 images to select from. 
  • IMAGES have been carefully selected by Jane to not only represent the variety of species from California but also as exciting species for children to draw. They have also been selected to highlight their vulnerability, whether well-known or more obscure species. There are drawing notes on each image and a suggestion of the best paper orientation to make your drawing. Each of these species is uniquely beautiful and important to its ecosystem
  • EVERY species must be represented in the mural. During the workshop we will discuss who is drawing which species so you might not get to draw your first choice initially but may have time to make a couple more drawings during and after the workshop of your top choices. (For example if the California section of the exhibition mural displays only drawings of wolves and bears it won’t be representational of all the amazing species in your State.)
  • REPRESENTING global biodiversity is key to the exhibition aim however there are also different images of each species within the Resource Book to help create variety within the exhibition mural design (see image below of Jane with her Chimpanzee Community mural at BALTIC gallery, UK)


  • here are some extra activities for students either before or after the workshop: 
    1. READ the species information in the Resource Book
    2. RESEARCH further your chosen species
    3. READ about 12 ways you can help wildlife pages 54 - 67 of the Resource Book




With sincere thanks to Shaheen Sheik-Sadhal, Liz Black and WDATAG? California Outreach Team: Kirsten Rogers and Danelle Hickman who have helped organise and bring WDATAG? 2021 exhibition opportunity to the Laguna Beach community.